15th Annual Tennis Tournament

If you are interested in participating in the next Tennis Tournament, please contact Maria Luisa Boord at mlboord@hotmail.com and you'll be the first to know all the details!
Location: Coral Oaks Tennis Club in Pinecrest, FL.

Congratulations Tournament Winners!

Winners in the open category for the ladies doubles: Heydi Sell & Tracey Kealy; the runners up: Mariasol de las Casas & Grisel Voto. In the A, winners: Mary Luz Newman & Lynn Prigozen and runners up: Ana Etzoid & Donna Golik. In the B, winners: Marlene Vargas & Astrid Artho.

In the open men’s doubles category, winners: Guillermo Gonzalez & Mark D’aguilar; runners up: Michael Schlesinger & Allan Zabienski. Winners in the A: Alejandro Caceres & Bernardo de la Espuella; runners up: Jose Iparraguirre & Francisco Leon. Winners in the B: Elliott Rodriguez & Steve Boyer and runners up Miguel Muelle & Leonard D. Boord III.

In the open mixed doubles winners: Elizabeth Gonzalez & Guillermo Gonzalez; runners up: Mimi Radillo & Troy Weeton. Winners in the A: Laura & Thomas Davidson and runners up Jill & Jose Hidalgo. Winners in the B: Tracey Kealy & Oscar Radillo and runners up: Jill Balli & Andy Green.